July 23, 2006

lets leave the EU now

There is something is software development called the 'Death March', if that sounds ominous and melodramatic it is because it is ominous. A Death March is a type of project that is doomed to failure, but nobody is willing to cancel. Each time the question of canceling it comes up it seems that after all the money that has been spent on it, usually many millions, it would be a waste to give up and maybe they can make up the lost ground in the next phase, maybe they can somehow pull it right with a bit more effort. But you never can the foundations are wrong or there is some deep underling cause that means that it will never ever go right.

The UK's relationship with the EU is rather like this. We have wasted billions on it, and will continue to waste billions until eventually we part company with it one way or another. Yet there is always the lure that maybe, just maybe it could be reformed. But this will only happen if we stay in. So we do, and yet more billions disappear. In reality the EU can't be reformed, it is exactly what it was always supposed to be. The only way to reform the EU would involve it's complete dissolution and reconstruction from the ground up, to use that wonderful phrase trying to reform the EU is like trying to get a cat to bark. We should leave the EU as soon as possible, there is no better time than now since it is only ever going to get worse.


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